Coronavirus Update - ItalyXP - 14/04/20

Coronavirus Update - ItalyXP - 14/04/20

April 14, 2020 Staff

Covid-19 is a global situation that has interrupted and disrupted everyone's plans. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the travel industry the hardest and as a result of this, tourism businesses all around the world are suffering greatly.
This situation calls for us all to come together and support one another. For this reason, we invite you all to support tourism, in all its forms, avoiding canceling your trips and requesting instead to postpone your services. In this way, all tour operators can take a deep breath and start to reorganize their activities for next year.

Italian Regulations and our policy for travelers with existing bookings

Given the increasingly dramatic health emergency situation due to the pandemic COVID-19 that involves the whole national territory, the Italian government has taken extraordinary and exceptional measures in order to avoid the default of most companies operating in the sector , through the combined provisions of the following measures

  • Law Decree of February 23rd 2020, n. 6, 
  • Law Decree of March 2nd 2020, n. 9 art. 28
  • Law Decree of March 17th 2020, n.18 art. 88, 

Such combined provision is now regulated by the Law n. 27 of 24.04.2020 which article 88-bis, establishes a punctual and detailed discipline in relation to the "Reimbursement of travel, stay and tourist packages".
The law foresees the issuance of a credit voucher to be used within a year of its issue, equal to the total amount paid.
Paragraph 10 of article 88-bis foresees that the above-mentioned regulations also apply in the case of bookings made through a web portal and expressly states that the contractual terms and conditions originally foreseen between the parties do not apply. In addition, according to the provisions of paragraph 13 of the above-mentioned article, the provision constitutes a necessary implementing rule pursuant to Article 17 of the Law May 31, 1995, n. 218, and to Article 9 of the Regulation (CE) n. 593/2008 of the European Parliament and Council, of June 17, 2008.
Therefore, in accordance with the above regulations and coherently with that established by the professional organizations, ItalyXP can provide their customers, instead of reimbursement, a credit voucher. In order to allow greater flexibility in its use, our Company has decided to extend the usability of the credit voucher by 31.12.2022 as well as a transfer of the credit voucher to third parties, upon notice to our Company.
You will have almost two years to reorganize your trip and take our services or you have the chance to give it to your friends, relatives or associates.
To all our customers who have contacted us in relation to a cancellation or postponement of a service, please rest assured that we are working through these requests as best as we can. If you have already contacted us, there is no need to do so again. As you can imagine, we are experiencing unprecedented volumes over the last number of weeks, so we sincerely appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

Stay Informed, Healthy & Optimistic

In the past few weeks, the Coronavirus has presented an unprecedented global challenge that has significantly impacted all aspects of our daily lives, businesses and communities. There is a lot of misinformation being circulated about the virus so we would like to help you stay informed with the most accurate information on the travel restrictions issued by European and U.S. Governments. We recommend consulting these trusted sources: 

Please check out the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for travel updates and always take the necessary steps to minimize risk while traveling.

How to contact us

If you have an upcoming tour and are unable to travel, please feel free to contact us by:

  • Using the ‘live chat’ feature on our site, at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 
  • Emailing us at: 
  • Calling us on: +39 0656567418
    Note: If dialing Italy from a U.S. phone, dial 011-39
    Thank you for your continuing support.  

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    Coronavirus Update - ItalyXP - 14/04/20