Discover the underground Tour in Rome: Insula of Ara Coeli

There's a lot more to Rome than what you can see above ground. An underground tour allows you to learn more about Roman history and see fascinating artifacts. It allows you to discover for yourself the interesting story behind the Insula of Ara Coeli.

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Underground Rome: Amazing Tour of the Insula of Ara Coeli

When you’re in Rome, you should take some time to visit the Insula of AraCoeli. A lot of people see the ruins, but not everyone gets to go on an underground tour of the insula, which is an ancient Roman apartment block. The ancient building is nestled between the stairway going to Santa Maria AraCoeli and the Monument to Victor Emmanuel at the Piazza Venezia.

Discover the history of the Insula of AraCoeli

The Insula of AraCoeli was first discovered in 1926when workers were trying to separate the Capitol from other buildings. It was found at the foot of the stairs leading to the church. The building dates back to the 2nd century A.D. The Insula is the perfect example of urban planning of Imperial Rome.

Admire the Ancient Roman Architecture

As you take a tour around the Insula of AraCoeli, you can see how the ancient roman architects have designed the building. Mostly made of bricks, its back wall has been constructed to rest directly on the cliff of Arce Capitolina. And because of that, the building has an unusual shape.
It has five floors that have been well preserved. The ground floor of the AraCoeli used to house the taberna that used to have wooden floorings and overlooked a courtyard. Experts have said that the space was once used as warehouses and shops that can be reached through a series of wooden stairs and stone steps.

Discover an area from Ancient Rome with this out of the ordinary tour

The area that housed the owners of the shops below had black and white mosaic tiles and arched windows. A balcony full of shelves marked the boundary of the space to the rented apartments that have rectangular windows.
The rooms become smaller and more uncomfortable as you continue to go up to the upper floors. The higher floors are also harder to reach as residents used wooden ladders to get to their living quarters. It has been estimated that around 400 people used to live in the Insula of Aracoeli

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We suggest you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. This tour is not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia or panic attacks.

Reviews of Discover the underground Tour in Rome: Insula of Ara Coeli

Reviewed by Nicholas D. from

See how ordinary Romans lived

The guide was punctual, well informed and interesting. We had a tour of part of the 3rd and 4th floors (ie all that was open) of the insula, and could appreciate what living conditions must have been like. It would have been useful if we had known the name of the company that was carrying out the tour, since that was how the guide was hoping to identify us.
Reviewed by ScangaEric from

The best underground tour Of Rome ever

Our agency booked for us a tour of Rome underground and we visited the Jewish catacombs and the Graves of Pomponio Hylas with this company. We had an archaeological guide that spoke perfect English and was very knowledgeable. It is amazing what treasures you can find underneath the city. We felt we where like Indiana Jones! We found very old bones, frescos, art...I would have never imagine to find such treasures and learn so much history. We will do other underground tours they offer and I highly recommend to experience a tour like that instead of the usual touristy ones.
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Discover the underground Tour in Rome: Insula of Ara Coeli
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