Tour of Cetona: from the Paleolithic to the Present in a Day Trip

Join our magical Tuscany tour, following in the footsteps of our most distant past as a real archaeologist. Come with us to the ancient town of Cetona, a timeless place where you can travel through the history, from the Paleolithic period to the present day. A unique eXPerience out of the ordinary!

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Excursion of Cetona on the footsteps of Paleolithic

This tour will take you to the discovery of the ancient town of Cetona, a Tuscany’s gem of ancient origins dating back to Etruscan times. But the traces of man in this area are even more remote: during the ‘20s, many important archaeological discoveries have unearthed human remains dating back to the Bronze Age.
Our archeological tour begins with two of the most important sights of Cetona’s area: the Civic Museum of Prehistory and the adjacent Natural and Archaeological Park at Belvedere, located on the east side of Mount Cetona.
The Museum is suitable for a variety of audiences: from the youngest students to the archaeologists, and to the tourists who want to deepen curiosity or passion for these issues. You will learn everything there is to know about prehistory, nature and the first men that walked on earth: their lifestyles, their habits and their beliefs.
Our journey will continue to the Natural and Archaeological Park, where some caves from prehistoric times have been re-opened and made ​​passable for visitors: into those caves you will be able to admire the archaeological excavate sites, in a natural environment of great interest and fascination.
The itinerary will continue to the “Archeodromo”, an educational archaeology centre equipped with life-size reconstruction of a Bronze Age village, perched in a cave from Paleolithic times, and an area for the simulation of the excavation. Do not miss this great outdoor laboratory where, thanks to the experimental archeology techniques, you will have the opportunity to eXPerience a unique journey back in time.

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We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for your archeological activities.
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Tour of Cetona: from the Paleolithic to the Present in a Day Trip
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