Small-Group Tour to Perugia

Let’s enjoy 2 hours visit to Perugia when you embark on a small group tour of the Umbrian Capital under the instructions of a professional guide. From churches to the picturesque medieval alleys to the precise sculptural Piazza, Perugia is the central city of ancient art and charme. 

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Visit of Perugia city centre

This small group tour will let you wander through the defensive walls of different historical centers and witness the regional architecture of Medieval Priori Palace under the presence of your qualified guide. Massive defensive walls of Rocca Paolina and Fontana Maggiore’s marble layers will fascinate your tour. For the cravings of scriptural scenes, walk through the Piazza that is the central point of Gothic Cathedral houses and Renaissance Paintings.

The Rocca Paolina, Fortress of Perugia

One of the mandatory stop when it comes to visit the centre of Perugia, is for sure the Rocca Paolina, a symbol of papal power, which is considered as the fortress of Perugia. This artistic building was constructed on behalf of Paul III Farnese (1540-1543). The Younger Antonio da Sangallo was the designer of this ancient masterpiece. With its large, strong, and defensive walls, it was built in the right historical center of Perugia. For entering the underground historical center, you can use a door at Porta Marzia or the escalator system, which connects the Piazza Partigiani and Piazza Italia.

Captivated Sight of Fontana Maggiore

Then, your guide will take you to visit another milestone of the centre of Perugia, located just right in the city centre: the monumental Fontana Maggiore, a mandible marble fountain, which is located between the Palazzo dei Priori and Cathedral. The sculptors Nicola Pisano & Giovanni Pisano had built this Piazza Grande in 1277-1278. It is considered as the central point of the city, 5 straddle roads also start from this marble monument. Dig deep in the sights of the political, urban, and enormous fulcrum of Perugia with your qualified guide.

Dome of Perugia

You will also stop by the Cathedral of Perugia, the Church of San Lawrence, which is also one of the main attraction located in the city centre. During the tour you will have the opportunity  to enjoy  the young and lively atmosphere of the city, which hosts several important  events all along the year, such as the Eurochocolate Festival in autumn or the Umbria Jazz Festival during summer.
This tour is a great opportunity both for first timers in Perugia and for those who wish to know more about the city with an expert guide. 

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Small-Group Tour to Perugia
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