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3-Days Slow Food Tour to discover Liguria and its Food

Liguria is a beautiful region, overlooking the sea, full of fascinating coastal destinations. Our exciting 3-days escorted tour will allow you not only to admire the historical and natural beauty of Liguria, but also to immerse yourself in its culinary traditions.
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Genoa & Liguria

Private Tour of Palmaria Island and Portovenere from Portovenere

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Join this special private tour in Liguria of the ancient town of Portovenere and an adventurous hike on the Palmaria Island, departing from Portovenere.
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Genoa & Liguria

Private boat tour to the Poets' Gulf from Portovenere

Join this private boat tour from the ancient town of Portovenere to the famous islands of the “Gulf of Poets”, catching the naturally stunning sites of cliffs, grottos, and fortress in the Italian Riviera.
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Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

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Things to know about Portovenere

Travelling through the Ligurian region you will have the opportunity to discover amazing coastal villages. Among those stands Porto Venere.
Since 1997 the town, together with the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and the Cinque Terre was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The town of Portovenere offers everything that a tourist can desire, such as delicious food, wonderful landscapes and unforgettable sunsets.

Genoa & Liguria

Genoa & Liguria

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