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Private walking tour of the center of Turin and The Egyptian Museum with skip the line tickets

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Guided tour discovering the center of Turin, leaving from Piazza Castello and crossing the Roman Quadrilateral. Foundamental stop of the tour: the Egyptian Museum, the second in the world after the Cairo Museum, with skip the line tickets.
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Turin & Piedmont

Master class in Turin to become a “Senior Turin Taster”

Enjoy an enogastronomic tour with a Piedmontese cuisine expert guide in Turin. Live an eXPerience at Porta Palazzo in Turin the largest open-air European market and taste the aperitif dishes and wine.
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Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

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Best attractions in Turin & Piedmont

Egyptian Museum Langhe Lake Maggiore Mole Antonelliana Palace of Venaria Piazza Castello Royal Palace

Things to know about Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello is the main square of Turin, as well as the historical center of the city.
This monumental square is adorned by impressive city palaces, including the famous Royal Palace and houses three large monuments, placed around the Senate and the Casaforte Acajada. Also, from the square depart some of the most important streets in the center.
Piazza Castello was designed in 1584 by Ascanio Vitozzi and with its 40,000 square meters, is the second vastest square in the city, after the Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

Turin & Piedmont

Turin & Piedmont

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