Luxury & Shopping in Tuscany


Half Day Transfer, to Visit The Mall Outlet from Florence

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Discover the magical attraction of shopping with this amazing activity from Florence. Join this shopping tour from Florence and visit the famous The Mall Outlet, where dozens of designer brands are available for discounted prices.
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Create your tailor-made itinerary in Italy!

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Luxury & Shopping in Tuscany

Italy is the country of fashion and design. So, why not taking advantage of your holiday in Tuscany and enjoy our exclusive eXPeriences focused on luxury and shopping.
Visit the best outlets in Tuscany guided by our fashion experts & image consultants, looking for the style and clothes that will best fit you and your personality. If you like the vintage style, than you cannot miss a visit to the most important Florentine workshops, where you will find the rarest pieces and accessories.
If you are looking for the special eXPerience to complement your holiday in Tuscany, take a look at our selection of activities in the world luxury and shopping, to come home with some precious souvenir and the highest expressions of the “Made in Italy”.



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